Assimilation panel

Switching on the lights on dark days sounds simple but, in view of rising energy costs, it’s advisable to handle this wisely. Peak load at system activation can, especially in greenhouses, result in grid pollution or overcharging of cogenerators. QEP Holland assimilation panels enable a phased activation of the lighting system, thus preventing overcharges.

QEP Holland offers both the QEP CP-SS standing and the slim QEP CP-SH hanging panels. The standing panels QEP CP-SS are generally placed in the adjacent technical area and wired through to the lights. Standard panels have 15 to 36 groups and are available for 230V and 400V lights or any desired wattage.

The slim hanging panels QEP CP-SH are placed amidst the crop, allowing for a short wiring to the lights. The shape of the panel enclosure casts a minimal shadow. These control systems contain 12 to 24 groups and are available for 230V and 400V lights or any desired wattage.

Depending on your specific request, the panels can be custom build, for instance, by including different types of timers and group distributions or built-in wall sockets.

QEP Holland assimilation panels are built in a modular approach. This way, we can guarantee sharp pricing and short delivery times. They are compatible with all types of climate computers and can be implemented as a manual or automatic operation to your request.


QEP Belichtingspaneel 02


  • Modular build
  • The number of groups is easily expandable after installation
  • Compatible with all types of climate computer
  • Low-maintenance


  • Manual or automatic control
  • All wattage available


  • Integration of external signals or error notifications
  • Cogenerator feed-back
  • Autonomous clock and timers
  • Alternative voltages besides 230V and 400V available upon request