Specials and engineering

Each situation asks for a specific approach. QEP Holland converts your problem into a tailor made comprehensive solution. After charting all your wishes and needs and know all about your situation, we start working. QEP Holland takes responsibility for the overall project management of the turnkey solution.
With our know-how and expertise we will make sure all units and control systems are tuned in with each other. Even the grid will be calculated and panned out to the last nozzle to ensure an efficient and effective system. All options will be designed and calculated in case a standard solution is not available.

QEP Holland Special Engineering

Service and installation
Our technicians are available for service and installation anywhere in the world. The expertise of local mechanics in combination with proper project management and supervision is usually sufficient to set up the installation. This way the costs can be kept at a minimum. Our technicians will perform tasks that require more expertise and experience. Final checks and commissioning will always be carried out by our project supervisor.

Service and maintenance are performed in regional trips, combining visits to multiple customers and thus keeping costs at a minimum. This method has proven very beneficial and cost-effective for everyone involved. Our service is not limited to just the machines produced by us. All technical horticulture and agriculture equipment can be serviced; from water treatment and lighting systems to (mobile) cooling machines and back-up power generator sets.

We take great pride and confidence in designing and manufacturing equipment that works best for your specific situation. All units and control systems are extensively tested before leaving our manufacturing facility. Needless to say QEP Holland provides full warranty, so if any problems occur, they are promptly dealt with. Please, read our Metaalunie terms & conditions.

Examples customer-oriented misting units:

  • In February 2013 we delivered a 330 ltr/min at 120 bar misting unit to a customer in the Ukraine, with an operating range from 30 ltr/min up to 330 ltr/min.
  • In 2012, for a Russian client, we delivered 4 misting units each with a capacity of 288 ltr/min at 120 bar.
  • This coming year, we expect to build a 984 ltr/min at 120 bar misting unit for a Ukrainian customer.

Examples customer-oriented water treatment:

  • In 2012 we delivered a sand filter unit to a customer in Latvia with an automated selection for well water, an indoor basin and an outdoor basin.
  • For a client in Russia, we designed and supplied two lettuce irrigation units combined with a mixing unit, a sand filter unit and a disinfection unit.
  • In 2013 we delivered a UV disinfection unit with sand filter unit to a customer in Ecuador. We adapted this machine in accordance to the local power grid voltage and frequency.
  • For a Russian client we built and supplied seven UV disinfection units in September 2013 allowing a total disinfection capacity of over 220m3/hour.

Examples customer-oriented mechanization:

  • We don’t like to sell “no” for an answer, so we try our best to find a suitable solution for each and every customer. For example, we were once looking for a (used) box washer for a contractor in Denmark. We couldn’t find one, so we sat down at the drawing board and came up with the QEP mobile box washer in 2007. This machine washes approx. 40 potato boxes per hour, re-using the water. A beautiful combination of water treatment, control technology and mechanical drive.

Examples engineering projects

  • Complete technical installation for a 300 Ha rose nursery in Ethiopia.
  • Water treatment installation, with disinfection and re-usage of drain for a 20 Ha rose nursery in Ethiopia.
  • Water treatment calculations and layout of the technical compartment for a project in the Ukraine, 8 Ha, expected 2013-2014.
  • Water treatment calculations and layout of the technical compartment for a project in the Ukraine, 30 Ha, expected 2015-2016.