Control system for irrigation

Watering is the most important technical link in horticulture. Lack of irrigation control is detrimental to the power of the system. Beside the high quality and well known climate computers produced by Hoogendoorn and Sercom, QEP Holland produces the QEP CC-RR. This irrigation control system is particularly suitable for the less complex outside cultivation.
With the QEP CC-RR, QEP Holland offers a seamless solution specifically designed for your situation. The smart use of the right combination of components and measurements enable us to make a PLC based irrigation program that answers to every specific request. This cost-effective modular approach could especially be interesting to small end users.
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  • Low-maintenance
  • Flexible application
  • Adjustable to all situations


  • Easy and clear operation
  • Modular build


  • EC-measurement and/or -adjustment
  • pH-measurement and/or -adjustment
  • Flow measurement
  • Flow- or time controlled irrigation
  • Extra valves
  • Filtration control
  • Silo control or direct irrigation
  • Controllable over the internet
  • Integration of external signals or error notifications coming from other units that are part of the irrigation system