EC-pH-flow converter

The three most important parameters in horticulture irrigation are the EC, pH and water volume, both for irrigation coming from the mixing unit or pump unit and for the registration of the drain. A reliable and accurate measurement is necessary to present the climate computer with a timely and actual value. QEP Holland produces the QEP EPF, a ready-made EC-pH-flow converter that is easily fitted into your existing distribution system.
Depending on the application, available options are integrated measurement in the climate computer or a self-contained solution. It’s also possible to link the measurements with certain actions, like controlling a valve or injection pump. Reliability can be increased by choosing redundant QEP Holland EC and pH sensors. An alarm will be generated when deviations exceed a set limit.

QEP EC-pH-flow meter 01 QEP EC-pH-flow meter 02 QEP EC-pH-flow meter 03



  • Adaptable to every situation
  • Hand controlled
  • External confirmation contact for auxiliary equipment available


  • Sturdy steel casing
  • Low maintenance on sensors and measuring equipment


  • Both as a stand-alone implementation and integrated in the climate computer
  • Pulse valves or motorized valves
  • Double EC and pH sensors