Control panel for heating groups

The right temperature in the greenhouse is of huge importance for the crop yield. Different types of heating grids are used; an upper- and lower grid, a growing grid and a tube rail grid. A climate computer is used to direct all flows of energy with the right temperature, to the right direction. All QEP CP-H control panels designed by QEP Holland are able to make the translation between the climate computer and the pumps and valves.

QEP Holland can adjust all control systems to your specific needs, for instance, frequency controlled pumps or adding outlets. The control systems can be prepared for any type of climate computer and are equipped with a manual controlling system for both pumps and valves.

QEP Holland uses a modular approach when building these control systems. This way, we can guarantee sharp pricing and short delivery times. Standard control systems are roughly divided in these groups:

QEP CP-H1 one panel suitable for one pump and one mixing valve
QEP CP-H2 one panel suitable for one or two pump groups
QEP CP-H6 one panel suitable for a maximum of six pump groups
QEP CP-H8 one panel suitable for a maximum of eight pump groups


QEP Besturingspaneel voor verwarmingsgroepen 01 QEP Besturingspaneel voor verwarmingsgroepen 02 QEP Besturingspaneel voor verwarmingsgroepen 03



  • Modular build
  • Sharp pricing and short delivery times
  • The number of pump groups is expandable afterwards (e.g. from 4/6 to 6/6)
  • All types of climate computer compatible
  • Low maintenance


  • Manual or automatic control
  • Any wattage and voltage possible


  • Integration of external signals or error message
  • Integration of window and screen control