Turn key cooler

The success of conditioned storage of agricultural products is primarily determined by the choice of equipment that is used. The power of the QEP Holland turn key cooler lies in the big air displacement and the large distance between lamellas enabling a small ∆T (<5K). The use of an air mixing hatch enables the use of outside air for cooling when environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, are ideal. By using outside air instead of mechanical cooling energy can be saved, thus minimizing running cost. Humidity and the CO2 level can also be controlled by this hatch. In many situations a combination of a cross flow Heatexchanger can increase the energy efficiency during the refreshing of the air even further.
Besides the standard QEP TKC we also produce the QEP TKC-S. The QEP TKC-S is specially developed to be used in combination with a pressure wall, where it is mounted on top of the pressure wall. In a nutshell, the QEP TKC-S is a small version of the standard 30kW TKC with the design to create a cold blanket of air in the space above the product. Once the desired difference in product and air temperature is reached, the pressure wall will switch on to circulate the cold air through the product.

Thanks to the large condenser capacity and pressure controlled fans, a large outside temperature range is covered. The use of two independent cooling circuits (upward of 40kW) also increases reliability. The compact design and straightforward way of installation make the QEP TKC very suitable and cost-effective to be used anywhere in the world.


QEP TKC Solo 02 QEP TKC Solo 01 QEP TKC Solo 03



  • Turn key solution with minimal installation costs
  • High reliability thanks to the application of two independent cooling circuits
  • Built and tested under optimal conditions
  • Efficient cooling by using outside air when conditions are right
  • Minimal dehydration thanks to the large distance between lamellas
  • Maintenance-free cooling circuit by the use of durable components
  • Connectable to all sorts of climate computers
  • Electrical defrosting of evaporators


  • Available in capacities ranging from 20kW to 60kW
  • Big air displacement and pitch
  • Very suitable for worldwide use


  • Standard or S-version
  • Air mixing hatch for the use of outside air
  • Humidifier for increasing humidity without the forming of droplets