Control system for boiler and buffer tank

In modern horticulture CO2 extraction is inevitable when aiming for optimal efficiency in gas consumption. This requires a heat buffer. QEP Holland produces the QEP CP-BK custom-built for any situation and installation. These control systems are compatible with any type of climate computer and can be equipped to handle any capacity. Integration of the buffer panel into the boiler control system is also a possibility.

The buffer panel controls the buffer shut off valve after a command is given by the climate computer. The feedback contacts on the valve can then be routed back to the climate computer.

The boiler control system and the buffer panel are closely coherent. The boiler shunt pump, the condenser pump and potentially the buffer filling pump are controlled by the boiler control system. Including the buffer valve in the boiler control system is a possibility, however, it’s not recommended as the distance from the panel to the valve is usually too big.

QEP Buffer- en ketelbesturing 01 QEP Buffer- en ketelbesturing 02 QEP Buffer- en ketelbesturing 03



  • Compatible with any climate computer
  • Low maintenance


  • Manual or automatic control
  • Any wattage and voltage possible


  • Integration of external signals or error message
  • Integration of CO-CO2 panel