pH buffer unit

The right acidity of the irrigation water is of huge importance for the crop yield. The QEP MX type mixing units are capable of fine tuning the pH levels going directly to the crop after fertilization. However, the quality of the water source can be of major influence on the stability of the acid dosing. Circumstances might require buffering the bicarbonates in the base water before going to the mixing unit.

The general function of a QEP pH buffer unit is to monitor the pH levels in the process water and add acid to the process water. The system is based on a circulation of water from a basin through the unit, passing the sensors and the injection nozzles. The flow is induced by a frame mounted pump.

The plc based PID-controller operates a motorized valve to continuously add a steady dosage of acid to the process water. In most cases the QEP pH buffer unit will run 24/7 to maintain a stable acidity and can be easily combined with the QEP Heatexchanger unit.

The QEP pH buffer unit is operated through a 4,3″ HMI. When connected to a local network or internet remote operation can be setup using VNC viewer.


pH stabilizer



  • Easy to install
  • Sharp pricing and short delivery times
  • Double pH sensors for fault detection
  • Feedback to all types of climate computers possible
  • Low maintenance


  • Manual or automatic control
  • Any capacity possible


  • Integration of external signals or error message
  • Combination with QEP Heatexchanger